Serve Team Survey

We are planning and preparing for our eventual reopening! As of right now, we don’t have a date set in stone but want to put in place the necessary pieces to have a successful reopening. We want to provide a safe and clean environment for congregants to worship. This requires a lot of volunteers!

During the initial reopen we’ll need help in these particular areas: In the form below, you can check which department you’d like to serve in.

1) TECH TEAM: Our tech team oversees the audio for our services, the cameras, and the live feed. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. This area is one of our biggest needs at the time. We’re looking for willing volunteers that we can train to be a part of our rotations.

2) PARKING LOT: Our parking lot crew helps guests find parking spots easily and play a key role and making guests feel immediately welcomed.

3) CLEANING CREW: During this time, cleanliness is more important than ever! We need a team of volunteers that will help us keep the building up to code as well as helping us disinfect surfaces before and after services.

4) USHERS: Ushers will help ensure guests are appropriately spaced and accommodate the needs of those attending services.

5) GREETERS: Our greeters help create a welcoming atmosphere from the second people step into our church. During this time greeters will help us keep a headcount to stay within our allowed range, making sure restrooms aren’t overly crowded, and helping overall needs from visitors.

Thank you for helping us provide the best quality experience that we can for our guests.

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