Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered ministry designed to bring healing to people with hurts, hang-ups and habits. You are welcome at our meetings, regardless of your struggle. Here you will find that we focus on God’s healing power through worship, prayer and application of God’s Word to our lives in the context of fellowship with others. Using the time-honored and successful format of other 12-step programs, Celebrate Recovery emphasizes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the foundation and power source for authentic, lasting recovery. We offer a safe and encouraging environment where individuals can seek recovery. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality. We believe that Jesus Christ is the true higher power. An authentic sense of community is found when God’s Word helps establish honest, loving relationships. Regardless of personal beliefs, all people are invited to our meetings and into our community. We will support you and encourage you without attempting to fix or control you. Our hope is that in a world filled with suffering, people would be able to share their stories rather than be isolated in their pain. 
It is our desire that in the caring community of Celebrate Recovery, people will gain a greater perspective of God’s redemptive purpose for their lives. Celebrate Recovery meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. 
6:30 pm – Doors Open (FOR TIME OF COFFEE AND SNACKS)
7:00 pm – Worship and Teaching or Testimony
8:00 pm – Men’s and Women’s Open share groups meet
9:00 pm –  we wrap up the night !
Child care (Celebration Station) is provided from 7-9pm.
Teen Group Also (Landing) 7-9 pm
3rd  Tuesday  of every month we serve Pizza at 6:30 pm
1st  Tuesday  of every month dinner at 6:30 pm
Charles Sussan – Leader
Margie Sussan – Leader
For more information, check out our Celebrate Recovery website here!